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Thank Goodness He Wasn’t Wearing a Hoodie!

It is funny how no one comments on the fact that three older black boys are teaming up to brutalize a younger white boy. I agree that race shouldn’t be an issue, but I guarantee you if the situation were reversed this would have been national news for just that reason.


Increase the Minimum Wage! Wait, why’s my Happy Meal thirty-four bucks?

Any economic method relies on innumerable facets to succeed or fail (unless it is REALLY terrible).  It should go without being said that for certain philosophies to hold true, especially those more benevolent, multiple other factors have to be in place.  That being said, let’s begin…

Minimum wages came about in its earliest form during the Great Depression with the passing of the National Industrial Recovery Act (the Act would subsequently be declared unconstitutional).  Before this time wages were dictated based on a meeting between necessity and competition.  While this system of old theoretically lowered prices, it was not fair to the worker to be paid half of what he was worth simply because someone else was willing to do his job for less.  The question then became, how do you determine the worth of a job? To which a libertarian would likely reply – ‘it is the lowest rate the most qualified person is willing to work for’.  The problem with such a system is it guarantees absolutely no quality of life.  In the worst case scenario, some desperate soul could work all day for nothing but the promise of a meager meal at sundown, essentially reinstating slavery.

In 2009 the federal minimum wage was increased to $7.25 per hour.  Individual states can elect to set their own higher minimums (in California, for example, the state minimum is $8.00 per hour), but in no place is it enough to comfortably live.  As a result an outcry has begun to rise from the masses.  It is unfair they complain.  I can’t have my own apartment and eat well, they argue.  In California, I have heard the call for minimum wage to be increased as high as $22.00 per hour, or effectively $45,760.00 a year.

I agree that if feasible the implication of the above statement would be great.  It would be even better if everyone could add six zeros to the end of every bill in their wallet and become millionaires (assuming they put the decimal in the right place).  The problem with such a solution is inflation.  If a McDonald’s employee is making $22.00 per hour, the price of the Big Mac will have to proportionally increase for the company to continue to turn a profit, leaving that same employee with the same buying power, and as this will be happening everywhere, every price will experience a similar fluctuation.  After some economic turmoil, every person will wake up to find themselves in the exact same place they were before the whole fuss began.

It sucks to work forty hours a week and still not be able to afford the luxuries of life, I totally feel that, but that is why if you work hard you will inevitably get a promotion.  You are not meant to thrive off of minimum wage, it is simply a starting point.  Every job does not inherently have the degree of difficulty and/or responsibility to qualify for a living wage, but if you persevere you will inevitably acquire the experience necessary to justify it.  A minimum wage is meant to be high enough to keep your stomach full and a roof over your head, granted you will probably be eating Top-Ramen in the company of several roommates (fortunately thrift shops just became hip!).

With patriots like Edward Snowden, who needs traitors?

Edward Snowden: is he a hero or traitor? A Kim Kardashian-esque fame seeker or a patriot on the level of Mark Felt (AKA Deepthroat)?

When I first learned of Edward Snowden’s outing of the NSA’s secret programs to spy on American citizens I was outraged at the revelation put forward, while simultaneously in awe of the man who had brought such revolting behavior to the public’s attention.  To say I was a huge fan would be putting it lightly.  The moral fortitude it took for someone to give up everything in order to defend the ideals of a country they purportedly loved, even to the detriment of their own life, was humbling.

I should have to begun to questions Snowden’s apparent die-hard patriotism when he fled the United States.  Yes, it is understandable that an individual would attempt to avoid punishment, and given that what he did was noble it should be forgiven, right?  Sadly in Snowden’s case things aren’t that simple.  He was privy to top-secret surveillance information, and while the government monitoring its own citizens is a perversion of privacy, defacing the most basic fundamental rights of what it means to be an American, our monitoring of other countries is quite a different story.  By his fleeing our borders, especially to countries like Russia with four laptops allegedly loaded with sensitive information, he risked foreign powers getting a hold of him and becoming privy to that material, putting American interests in jeopardy.

His next actions would render the above paragraph moot (sorry for wasting your time).  As it turns out, he didn’t have to be captured and leaned on by foreign powers for his cooperation.  To my horror and embarrassment after having championed him, he gave it readily, revealing to a plethora of countries varying ways and times we spied on them.  This is not the behavior of a patriot, nor is it the actions of someone who loves their country.  As a whistle-blower and an American his focus should have been on the grievous wrongdoings being perpetrated by the government, not what it has become–embarrassing his country on a global scale.

Zimmerman and Trayvon: The race war that wasn’t meant to be…

Let me begin by stating that I’m aware I’m beating a dead horse.  What will follow is nothing any news savvy individual hasn’t already heard or deduced 20,000 times over, but for posterity sake I wanted to join the tussle.  Anyone who has access to the internet, a television, or two eyes has seen news relating to the Zimmerman case, or at the very least his expanding face (yes, that was a fat joke).  It is being billed by the “non-biased” media as a litmus test of equality in this country, specifically between blacks and whites.

I will not delve into the specific details surrounding the investigation, for at best it was an unfortunate incident and at worst murder, but rather let’s take a look at all this hoopla surrounding race.  The most obvious point to make is that Zimmerman, despite having a German name, is Hispanic, not white.  Yes, he did have one white parent, but so did Obama and Halle Berry, so if we are to consider them black, then please show some consistency and admit that Zimmerman is Hispanic.  With this simple epiphany the media’s entire argument surrounding the fabricated racial bias crumbles.  It was politically expedient both for Obama’s re-election campaign and the 24-hour news cycle’s ratings for Zimmerman to be white, so vuala, they said it until it was true (or at least widely accepted).  It did not matter the unrest such irresponsible reporting caused, in fact, that was the goal.

Continue at your own risk, generalities ahead…

The crux of this whole situation revolves around some national racial divide where whites are on one side and blacks the other, but let me ask you this…While the majority of blacks may consider Zimmerman white, the majority of whites who have seen his picture would not agree.  Accepting that, how can this case be about skin color if the defendant’s alleged race reject him as their own?  Do not allow the media to perpetuate hate.

Want to feel good about yourself without doing anything? I’ll tell you how to vote!

Religious zealots have used their beliefs to feel morally superior over others since the first caveman hit his knees to praise the sun.  The beauty of such a model promises the most insignificant individual a feeling of superiority despite their standing in life.  It doesn’t necessarily matter whether the person in question is walking the walk they profess, all that matters is that they have found and worshiped their god harder/better/more completely than their neighbor.

Things have not changed much beside the gods.  While there are still zealots of all types, the new champ of such self diluted moral superiority is the political left.  Despite the party’s constant historical failing in civil rights, members of this “elite” group enjoy pretending it was their ideals that spurred the movement.  This same self satisfied hypocrisy is in no place more evident than the voting polls.  Liberals professes the importance of helping the “disenfranchised” and extending social programs, stating that it is our “moral duty”, yet beyond punching a chad they are entirely unwilling to walk this walk.  On a whole they will not donate their hard earned currency as they demand of others unless legally obligated to do so by the state.  They will not volunteer their time to help the “less fortunate” they claim to care so much about.

If you tell me I need to pay more, you better be damn sure you are donating a higher percentage of your wages.  If you tell me I have need to donate my time, I better see you at that soup kitchen.

Like the zealots before them liberals cannot put their money where their mouth is.  They will go out and vote on election day, and then proceed to spend the rest of the year feeling superior to those who voted differently.  Yet if you ask them to make the sacrifice to support the measures they claim to care so dearly for without a law forcing them to do so, they are full of all sorts of nifty excuses.

Voting a certain way or attending a church service does not make you superior to those around you.  It is in your actions that such distinctions are made.

What does Aaron Hernandez have to do with the price of tea in China? Absolutely nothing.

By TheAutomaticMan, 6/28/13

In the era of the 24 hour news cycle, it’s hard not to know what’s happening in the world around us, right? Smart phones are increasingly pervasive, there is a plethora of apps that keep us connected, cable news networks broadcast around the clock, and for those spending lots of time in the car, there’s always the radio.

In the U.S., the NFL is big business. So when any scandal related to the NFL comes to the public forefront, it’s really big news. Take the Aaron Hernandez scandal, for example. An NFL player has been charged with the first-degree murder of an up-and-coming football player, Odin Lloyd.

I don’t pay much attention to sports news unless it relates to the teams I follow, and I’ve never been much of an NFL fan. So when my roommate and a friend of ours were explaining the Hernandez debacle, I was quite shocked. The two were quite knowledgeable of the case being built against Hernandez. Both were able to explain to me in great detail the sequence of events, as reported by ESPN and other news outlets, of the night that Hernandez allegedly murdered Lloyd. With great command of the events, it was explained to me that GPS data from both Hernandez’ and Lloyd’s cell phones had shown both were together at the same time, shell casings had been recovered, and the final text messages between Lloyd and his sister were related to me with time stamps, almost verbatim from the news reports. I was quite impressed with how well-versed my two friends were with this case; both had obviously learned quite a bit about it in such little time.

And then it struck me.

After my friends had finished explaining the Hernandez case to me, I asked them, “So what happened in the Senate today?” Queue the crickets.

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

All I got from them was a couple of blank stares. “Huh?” I told them I was just joking. No need for alarm, go back to sleep, everything is just fine.

I suppose they hadn’t heard that, in other news, the Senate had just passed the Gang of 8 Immigration Reform Bill. An event of great international significance as it pertains greatly to Mexico as well, they had no clue. A bill that, if passed by the House and then signed by President Obama, could greatly impact us financially and socially.

This realization pains me. How could people who are intelligent, thoughtful people not have heard, or not cared, about something so significant? How could they be so painfully oblivious to events that will bear much greater of an impact on their lives than the actions of Aaron Hernandez?

So what does Aaron Hernandez have to do with the Immigration Reform Bill just passed in the Senate, the NSA, or anything else in the news that affects the lives of millions of Americans? Absolutely nothing.

What’s that got to do with the price of tea in China?